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The simplest way to grow at home.

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A self sustaining ecosystem within an elegant piece of furniture.

We’ve spent the past six years designing an in-home grow system for you to cultivate your own plant medicine in a sustainable, easy to use alternative to traditional plant medicine dispensaries.

Zero Experience Needed
Our team of experts will assist you from installation all the way through to harvest. Around-the-clock support makes growing your own plant medicine easy and accessible.
Fish Swimming
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Design Meets Discretion
Smell-proof dual exhaust filters, transitioning privacy curtain, and electronic locking door ensure that your grow is safe from curious children and pets. 
Plant Medicine, Personalized.
With the help of reef's smart technology, ensure your plant medicine is ethically sourced and organically grown.

Opening the door
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Stay connected
to your grow -
wherever you go.
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At a Glance
Full Environmental Control
Reef will self adjust the environmental conditions, which will make taking care of your grow easier than ever.
Enhanced Privacy Features
Our suite of privacy features give you full control to show off your plants to friends or grow in stealth mode.
Robust Build Quality
Our half inch acrylic aquarium is nestled inside a beautiful walnut wood frame, built to last years of fruitful harvests.
Grow Specs
Elegant Aesthetic
Reef is designed in a compact, modern form factor to be a stylish centerpiece in any home.
Automated Support Systems
Automatic fish feeder, nutrient delivery system, and custom aquarium biofiltration mean that your fish and plants are always taken care of. 
Mobile App Controlled
Have peace of mind knowing reef will remind you for any action you need to take.
Free Consultation, Installation and Setup
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